The key vision of GZI Recycling is that no aluminium beverage cans should go to landfill. Using resources more efficiently, avoiding spoilage and improving the recovery of materials, in short, using resources responsibly has always been key to our success at GZI.

GZI realizes that metal sustainability is driven by recycling; because recycling saves up to 95% of the raw materials and energy needed to make new aluminium metal.

Aluminum metals are permanently available material regardless of their many applications and we at GZI have an agreed strategy to support the use of our planet’s resources in the most efficient and accountable way possible.

Aluminum has always been valuable and has always been recycled. GZI believes that keeping the Can-to-Can loop can be recycled an infinite number of times, saving energy and resources, and does not disappear or degrade.

More than 80% of consumer respondents said the infinite recyclability of cans matters to them. (Source: Can Manufacturers Institute, 2016)