UABC Supplier Information


If you wish to supply UABC to GZI, please follow the following advice:

  1. Ensure only aluminium beverage cans are in your consignment. Steel Cans must be removed
  2. The UABC supplied must be free from all forms of contaminants (such as steel, Iron, lead, plastic, stone, sand, paper, glass, foil, dirt, grease, etc.) or any other foreign substances.
  3. Ensure your delivery is empty of all contents prior to bagging or baling
  4. If you tied up in bundles, it must be strapped together to form real bundles. Bundle height must not exceed 1.50m
  5. If you use pallets, they should be in good condition large enough and strong enough to accommodate load placed upon them.
  6. Materials stocked on pallets must not exceed 1.5m and must not overhang the pallet (maximum pallet weight should be 1500kg)
  7. If you bale your UABC before delivery, the sizes should be:

Preferable: 0.9m x 1.2m x 1.5m

Allowable size range: (0.6m to 1.0m x 0.75m) to (1.3m x 1.0m x 2.1m)


If you supply or purchase UABC from GZI, you MUST comply with the following:

UABC Bale: A low density, relatively Large-sized block of flattened cans, typically produced by a baling machine. It is also known as a mill-size bale.

A BUNDLE consists of up to seven layers of rusks strapped together with six bands in such a way that there are two clear channels allowing the forks of a forklift truck to enter the bundle to facilitate lifting.

 Transporting your material

  • Stack all densified material properly
  • Arrange and strap all baled cans and bundles tightly so that it does not fall off the truck


  1. It is a requirement that every visitor on site MUST undergo the HSE Induction. If you supply UABC, it is mandatory that you and all your workers must use applicable Personal Protective Equipment PPE (e.g. Safety boots, Hi-Vest, Hang gloves, Ear protectors etc.)
  2. All vehicles entering GZI premises shall be subjected to thorough safety checks in line with GZI HSE standards. You are advised to use this checklist (below) in advance, to avoid embarrassment.
  3. Arrange and strap all baled cans and bundles tightly so that it does not fall off the truck and constitute a nuisance to the environment.