GZI Recycling program


About GZI recycling

GZI Recycling program is working to raise awareness of recycling aluminum Beverage CANs ‘on the go’ and has supported campaigns in Schools and at events in Nigeria. So far, we collected over 250 tons of aluminum beverage cans in Nigeria since 2016.

The GZI recycling program aims to encourage Nigerians to recycle more whether it be at work, at school, at an event or festival or whilst out and about. Aluminum materials, used to make drink cans, are infinitely recyclable. This means they can be melted down and endlessly re-used with absolutely no loss of quality, in what’s known as ‘closed loop’ recycling. Recycling therefore makes sense! It saves energy and natural resources. And by using resources in a more sustainable way, we can help reduce our impact on the world. This is one of many ways GZI contributes to the reduction of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

GZI Recycling program was actually launched sometimes in 2015 and a lot of awareness campaigns were taken to the communities and schools in and around Agbara. When a re-launched was made in 2016, the plan was to target the approximately 100 tons of aluminum drinks cans used by the Nigerian people at work, homes and whilst on the go. Of course, it’s been an exciting journey and we’ve achieved over 250% of this target since the creation of the program. Apart from series of trainings we have delivered to schools and communities about recycling, we’ve made it easier for consumers to recycle drinks cans and make a difference to environmental change right across Nigeria, whether at work, at school, at an event or festival or simply out and about. In addition to these, our UABC recycling program is a source of revenue for families of members of the public involved in the business in Nigeria.

To date we have signed up a number of UABC collection agents / vendors and schools to the program. There are lots of branded gift items and completed projects for which we supported schools and communities – a canny achievement even if we say so ourselves!

There’s still plenty to do though, so here’s to making Every Can Count for many more years to come.

Some basic facts about recycling used aluminium beverage cans (UABC).

  • Recycling Aluminium requires 95 % less energy.
  • Recycling Aluminium produces 95% fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), than manufacturing primary Aluminium.
  • Recycling Aluminium uses 97 % less water than producing new metal bauxite.
  • Aluminum Can is 100% recyclable – infinitely
  • Aluminum cans are the most recycled beverage package in Nigeria
  • UABC recycling is central to a circular economy
  • Recycled Aluminum beverage cans are back on store shelves in as little as 60 days
  • Aluminum cans contain an average of 70% total recycled content
  • Aluminum beverage cans have a 65% recycling rate
  • Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today
  • Compared to other beverage packages, consumers prefer cans:
    • For  their ease of recycling
    • Because  they are made of recycled material
    • Because  of their low environmental impact