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Corporate Social Responsibility

GZI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes the responsibility it has towards employees, customers, suppliers, financiers, the local community and society at large. GZI takes this mandate very seriously and it regards a positive influence on people and the environment to be as important as profits

GZI’s initiatives include the following:

  • Commitment to staff via the provision of local and international training as well as providing numerous opportunities for advancement;

  • Commitment to the local community via providing boreholes for clean water, good roads, recreational facilities and free medical services;

  • Commitment to the industry by significantly lowering supply chain costs and increasing efficiency;

  • Commitment to the environment via the use of gas turbines to reduce emissions, using plastic returnable pallets (first in Nigeria) to reduce waste and combining heating and cooling systems to reduce energy requirements. GZI is also exploring the development of a recycling plant, and

  • Commitment to Nigeria by providing 100% import substitution, saving the country foreign exchange, while further earning foreign exchange via exports to neighbouring countries.

In all of its activities, GZI operates in an extremely ethical and socially conscious manner. GZI’s goal is to simultaneously deliver superior performance and maximum positive impact on stake holders and the community at large.